/ #ARTIST / in 55 words

HENRIK KARLBERG is a Swedish-Finnish Artist.
Master of black and white / nude / erotic / art photography.
Born 1974. International. Based all over Europe.

Artist. Activist. Rebel.
Peaceful freedom fighter. Human rights defender.
Environmentalist. Gardener. Philosopher. Trendsetter.

Elusive. Reclusive.
Sophisticated Savage.
Non-commercial. Misanthropic. Anarchic.
Influential. Notorious. Controversial.
Generous. Altruistic. Kindhearted.
High-minded. Enlightened. Unorthodox.
Bold. Fearless. Outspoken.
Untamed. Uncontrollable.
Open-minded. Liberal.
Free spirit.

VISION / #ART / in 55 words

Naked and Nude.
Erotic Fine Art.

Explicit. Exposed. Shameless.
Bare. Unclothed. Uncovered.
Sexy. Provocative. Crazy.
Edgy. Raw. Dramatic.
Daring. Thought-provoking. Dangerous.
Indecent. Decadent. Scandalous.
Strange. Wild. Rough.
Brutal. Absurd. Disturbing.
Extreme. Radical. Hard-core.

Emotional. Poetic. Romantic.
Sensual. Intimate. Seductive.
Exquisitely 70S Pornographic.
Honest. Genuine. Real.

Grainy. Black and White.
Show. Exhibit. Everything.
No Rules. No Limits.