Birds & Wildlife in the garden

I’m passionate about caring for nature and the environment. I’m campaigning for big changes and reforms in favour of protecting nature and creating a sustainable future on a global scale.

At the same time, we can all help nature in our own gardens. My personal plan for creating a wildlife friendly garden involves:

– areas of uncut long grass; a great habitat and food for insects and birds
– borders filled with flowers that flower throughout the season; food for bees, butterflies and insects
– trees and hedges; shelter and nesting places
– ponds, frog ponds, bird baths and water features
– bug hotels, piles of wood and dead trees
– a lot of bird boxes, most of them are from my neighbour
– maintaining the garden exclusively by hand or with electric, battery-powered equipment
– composting

Composting organic household and garden waste is one of the most important parts of gardening. It builds a fertile soil, it improves soil structure, and it is really simple to do.

Find more information about birds and wildlife from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds: helping birds in your garden & gardening for wildlife.