Gallery: Early spring flowers in February

Spring flowers in the middle of winter, in Hirvensalo – Turku, Finland. I have never seen anything like it. This must be the warmest winter on record.

The birds are singing. Some migrating birds are already arriving. The days become lighter. Leaves are budding. Emerging foliage on Catmint, the earliest spring herb. The laurel is evergreen and happy. New leaves on the rose plants. Crocuses, irises and tulips are pushing up through the ground. Some are already blooming.

Each autumn Kia and I plant hundreds of flower bulbs all over the garden. It’s always interesting to discover what we have planted when spring arrives. But this climate is not normal.

Let’s face it, we have a climate emergency, an ecological breakdown. We destroy the wildlife. We destroy the ecosystems that support all life on Earth. Eventually global heating will destroy the earth.

Enjoy the flowers while you can. In a few years there will be no flowers, nor humans.