I’m being watched and they are trying to kill me

In December 2019 police performed a search two days in a row in my home. They seized all computers and storage devices. They took all my Art.

There’s more to this than meets the eye.

They had me waiting in the garage for one hour, while they were installing surveillance devices in my home. This means that at any given moment, I’m being watched. 24 hours a day.

Privacy is a basic human right, one of the very core values. They are abusively using state powers to interfere in individuals privacy. The secrecy and lack of witnesses in this situation makes it incredibly difficult to hold the police accountable for any wrongdoings that might occur.

In order to gain access to my property, they copied my keys while I was detained in prison. Now they can secretly enter my home whenever they want, pretty much every time I leave. They do try to leave the property undisturbed to avoid detection, but they are not very good at it.

My home is a fairly new property with modern electrical wiring. I have never had any electrical problems until the surveillance began. Install a surveillance device properly and it’s as safe as it can be; install it improperly and it’s potentially deadly.

I noticed the following warning signs: first flickering lights, then many outlets and light-switches stopped working. After that, parts of the underfloor heating stopped working. I hear breakers that trip and fuses that blow repeatedly, but it isn’t any of the breakers and fuses in the electrical panel.

They must have installed secret breakers and faulty wiring. There is a reason their circuit-breaker trips, but when their breakers have tripped they simply reset them, usually in the morning, without fixing the dangerous issue. This is a serious safety issue; faulty wiring is the leading cause of residential fires.

I was right. We almost died. This is what happened today:

After midnight Kia and I woke up to a terrible smell. Fire! After a few seconds of running around we realised the burning odour was an electrical fire in the electrical panel. Luckily we were able to extinguish the fire and prevent injury and loss of life. We were minutes away from a certain death.

I think they are trying to kill me.