Don’t tell me this is all for nothing

Before Christmas the finnish police unjustifiably abducted and imprisoned me for my Art. They abducted my wife Kia as well. During our one month detention in Turku prison, Kia and I were inhumanely kept totally isolated from each other. All our numerous attempts to stay in touch were denied. No phonecalls, visits or letters were allowed. No communication between us at all.

For a moment, life stood still. We were close but far apart. It felt like we were living in parallel universes, like the other person stopped existing.

It was painful, loving someone from afar. As the days passed, I missed Kia more, not less. We have been together, day and night, for over 25 years. She is everything to me. I love her with all my heart. The only place I feel at home is with her.

I dreamed about her. I still found myself having conversations with her in my mind. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she is. I missed looking into her eyes, hearing her voice, listening to her words, breathing her air, touching her skin, seeing her smile, kissing her lips. I missed everything about her – my always and forever love.

We were alone but together in our hearts. Without knowing it we simultaneously listened to “Outnumbered” by Irish singer-songwriter Dermot Kennedy. This became our “prison song” and captures the feeling of fighting for the one you love, even when distance separates you.