They took everything I’ve ever created. They took my Art.

They took everything I’ve ever created. Hundreds of thousands of my copyrighted works. Everything is gone. They seized 10 computers. Over 60 external storage devices. Without a just cause. In a fabricated, secret and purely political process. Lacking transparency and accountability.

I am facing surveillance and harassment. They detained me in prison for one month. I have not been doing anything illegal. They have done everything in their power to prevent me from getting a fair, equal and public trial by an impartial court.

What better way to avoid responsibility and accountability than to unlawfully paint the artist as a criminal, lock him up, throw away the key, systematically withhold information from the public and finally classify the whole case and all the documents as topsecret?

Finland, where is my Artistic Freedom, Freedom of Expression and Copyright? I want my Art back!